Fantastic Experience

I would like to thank EST Academy and more specifically, my tutor Saeed for helping me through my statistics program with Thompson Rivers University. When I found out that I needed to take this class in order to get into my Master’s program with the University of Windsor – I nearly cried. I have always struggled with math and it has never been one of my strong suits.I decided to look for tutors online and came across Saeed’s advertisement. I must say – I was hesitant at first because:
1) I’ve never had a tutor before and
2) I was unsure of the legitimacy of the online tutoring program…
BUT since I have been receiving services, I have been extremely impressed by his knowledge and skill set in teaching this course. Saeed has been extremely patient with me and his professionalism shows through non-judgement, respectful mannerism and compassion. He has helped me to understand more than I ever expected to and as a result I have successfully completed and passed all assignments with fantastic grades. I have already recommended this tutoring service to a number of different people and will continue to refer people here. The online program is effortless and easy to use – besides my own internet connection failing me at times, I never had any issues.

Thank you EST and Saeed for your dedication to my learning! It means a lot to me and I highly respect what you do as it truly does take A LOT of patience. I would also like to thank Saeed for being very flexible with his schedule. Between full time work, school and personal tasks – I thought it would be challenging to have to reschedule at times – but he made it very easy for me and we were always able to work something out.

Thank you!