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Fantastic Experience

I would like to thank EST Academy and more specifically, my tutor Saeed for helping me through my statistics program with Thompson Rivers University. When I found out that I needed to take this class in order to get into my Master’s program with the University of Windsor – I nearly cried. I have always struggled with math and it has never been one of my strong suits.I decided to look for tutors online and came across Saeed’s advertisement. I must say – I was hesitant at first because:
1) I’ve never had a tutor before and
2) I was unsure of the legitimacy of the online tutoring program…
BUT since I have been receiving services, I have been extremely impressed by his knowledge and skill set in teaching this course. Saeed has been extremely patient with me and his professionalism shows through non-judgement, respectful mannerism and compassion. He has helped me to understand more than I ever expected to and as a result I have successfully completed and passed all assignments with fantastic grades. I have already recommended this tutoring service to a number of different people and will continue to refer people here. The online program is effortless and easy to use – besides my own internet connection failing me at times, I never had any issues.

Thank you EST and Saeed for your dedication to my learning! It means a lot to me and I highly respect what you do as it truly does take A LOT of patience. I would also like to thank Saeed for being very flexible with his schedule. Between full time work, school and personal tasks – I thought it would be challenging to have to reschedule at times – but he made it very easy for me and we were always able to work something out.

Thank you!

Natasha Ally

Good grades

Saeed provided an extraordinary service for me. I am so grateful for his help with statistics and accounting. Thank to him I finished my semester with good grades. I recommend Saeed’s services for everybody!!!

Grzegorz Cieniak

Great tutoring and very convenient

Tutoring online is just as effective and so convenient! I would highly recommend!

Amanda Kachmar

Would Recommend

I’ve been working with Saeed for intermediate level accounting and have to say that the online delivery method is better than I had expected. It is much like being in the same room, but more convenient since there aren’t any local options in my area. He answers my questions clearly and is able to understand my thought process and tell me where I’m going wrong. Would recommend for anyone who needs some help in accounting.

Connor Foreman

I Would Highly Recommend EST Academy

I have really enjoyed the tutorial services offered by EST Academy. I have finally found a company that offers quality tutoring services at an affordable rate with the added bonus of being able to accommodate my schedule. I am a busy professional and can not attend tutorial sessions during business hours. I really appreciate being able to connect with a patient tutor who is able to help me work through my various math and accounting/finance courses online in the comfort of my own home to suit my schedule.

Kathleen J Kendrick

The Right Tutor

Hi my son has been using Saeed’s help for about 4 weeks now and we couldn’t be happier with his service. Saeed is very professional and knowledgeable of his subject, aslo he is punctual and reliable. My son felt comfortable working with Saeed.

Zahra humed

Est Academy helped me pass a course I was sure I would fail!

I had a really hard time with accounting in my first year of university and failed the course in my first semester. I did three sessions with EST Academy in the month before my exam, as well as my own hard work. I ended up passing the course with a much better mark than expected. Would recommend!

Shivani Patel


Great online instruction where the teacher demonstrates step by step solution for each problem. I have taken the online course myself and I have benefited from the online course. I highly recommend to others who need help with a subject.

Shil Patel